A Marketable Home Offers Saleable Features!

Those considering a custom home often believe that once they have the home of their dreams built, they will live in it forever.  As AZ custom home builders, we know the research indicates home owners are not the best indicators of how long they will stay in one home.  Few custom home buyers actually know how long they will remain in their custom home once it is completed. 

There are many reasons customers may unexpectedly sell their dream home, it could be a job change, a broken marriage, financial crisis, or just because they don’t like the new neighborhood.  Whatever the reason, it makes sense as AZ custom home builders to help our customers build a salable home.  In our experience, a salable home has these features:

  1. Appeals to families – The single largest home buying population single or married have children in their household.  This pretty much eliminates the two-bedroom home as a good idea.  But does include homes with large family areas, or spaces dedicated for children, such as bonus rooms, study areas, etc.
  2. Includes popular yet neutral color choices inside and outside of the home – Because a custom home is unique a homeowner may want to make it “their own”, by choosing unconventional colors that they love, but only loved by them.  When it comes to resale, most home buyers will want popular but neutral colors.
  3. Home styles consistent with the neighborhood – Because custom homes are just that, some customers want their home to be so unique, that resale would be very difficult.  In our experience this has been an Arizona luxury home that included a domed formal entryway that made the house look more like a temple.  Fortunately, the Home Owner’s Association nixed that idea.  Potential buyers will want a home that is not a cookie-cutter look-a-like but has architectural features consistent with the neighborhood.
  4. Location – It always comes down to location, location, and location.  Highly desirable zip codes with good schools are always in demand.  We all know each home in highly desirable zip codes are not the same, as some may be on busy streets and these would be avoided by some buyers.  But a good location beats out a poor location any day, under any market condition good or poor.

 As AZ custom home builders, it is our responsibility to help customers get the home of their dreams, but also feel that it is our obligation to let customers know that some choices may affect the sale of the home.  A marketable home will definitely offer greater rewards when it comes time to selling.

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