Creating a Wine Closet

Designed and constructed as a wine closet!

Designed and constructed as a wine closet!

Walk-in Wine Closet

I kept hearing about, pins, and re-pinning so finally using my iPad, I went to the site one day to see what I was missing.  Right off the bat, no kidding…. one of the first pictures that comes up is one from this website.  I was going through the page of photos, and I kept going back to one photo, asking myself where I knew that one from.  Aha moment!  It appeared to be a photo our photographer took of a wine closet from one of the homes we had completed.  Designed as a wine closet from the initial set of plans to completion, the take on the photo through Pinterest was totally different.  The take on the photo was all about turning a coat closet into a wine closet. Once I read other pins and repins with the same photo, other users had taken the idea and turned one of their coat closets into a wine closet.  They pinned their own photos on Pinterest of their re-modeling projects.  Cool!  It didn’t appear difficult to do by the photos on Pinterest.  Attached is the original photo of the wine closet and another of a walk-in wine closet from another one of our homes.

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