Hot Trend – Spa Baths

Large Soak TubOversized showers and oversized tubs are nothing new in the master bathroom.  What’s new is the calming spa-like atmosphere of a master bathroom.  Plenty of white, cream, gray and neutral tones quietly refresh ones senses in the soothing atmosphere of a spa-like bathroom.  Where have some of the ideas for a spa environment in the home come from?  Resort spas and hotel bathrooms are just a couple of idea sources.  Resort spas offer calming environments where the spirit and body can rejuvenate to sounds of soft music or flowing water.   Consistent with this concept: Enter the “soak” tub.  Still oversized and deep, but certainly quiet compared to the “jetted” tubs that have previously been so popular.  The loud noise of the “jetted” tub may be great for sore and tired muscles after a hard day’s work or an exercise regimen, but seems inconsistent with the concept of a soothing, relaxing experience of a spa.  The “soak” tubs that have become so popular are stand alone tubs, no longer surrounded by steps and tile.

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