AZ Custom Home Features and Details

AZ Custom Home Features and Details Are Real with Us

Outlined below are the features of our custom homes, especially spec homes.  Many home buyers or custom home clients can see the obvious such as the type of flooring or the type of counter tops in a home.  But how many actually look at the details or understand how many selections/choices there are when constructing a custom home?  Our experience has been, not many, even realtors that show some of the houses we have constructed couldn’t tell a potential buyer what an automatic dust pan is on a central vacuum system, or what a photo-sensor box is on the exterior of a home.  Some details are NOT so obvious such as the light switch that connects to the exterior for holiday lights, frameless shower doors, ‘instant-hot’ water devices, high rise or comfort level toilet seats, etc.  Many of these details are incorporated into a client’s set of plans, sometimes not, and that is where we come in.  For a family that has not built a custom home before, we are there to assist our clients with the selections and the details that truly customize a home.

Attached here is a flyer for one of the homes that we built and sold.  Notice the obvious details that you would see when you tour a completed home with a realtor and then pay attention to those items on the list that ARE NOT so obvious.   Features and Details