How to Know If You’re Buying A Flipped House?

It is interesting how many contractors are still fix/flipping. I thought this was a short-term strategy during the crazy housing downturn.  Now, three and four years later, the flippers are competing with home buyers that want to live in the homes and investors that want to rent out the homes, seemingly creating a housing shortage.  Not really a shortage […]

Beautiful Tuscan Home in Chandler Under Construction

This home will be available for sale in the Spring of 2014. The home is getting its roof today, rough-in plumbing begins tomorrow, the roof tiles will arrive and get loaded shortly.  This home is located in a custom home gated community of Chandler, AZ and has approximately 4900 square feet.  There are 5 bedrooms in this […]

Fix and Flips – Doing the Same Thing To Each House

Anybody else tired of the same old look that fix and flippers are applying to houses? The Fix/Flip industry has been strong during the recent housing down turn as many investors could purchase houses at deep discounts, apply some improvements and then get them back on the market at higher prices.  Many fix/flippers are still trying […]

Hot Trend – Kitchen Show Stopper

The open concept kitchen has been around for quite some time.  Its popularity hasn’t waned.  In fact, it used to be that formal entry ways hid the kitchen and all utilitarian sections of the home.  That is why the FORMAL living room and FORMAL dining room were usually the only two rooms visible from the formal […]

Hot Trend – Spa Baths

Oversized showers and oversized tubs are nothing new in the master bathroom.  What’s new is the calming spa-like atmosphere of a master bathroom.  Plenty of white, cream, gray and neutral tones quietly refresh ones senses in the soothing atmosphere of a spa-like bathroom.  Where have some of the ideas for a spa environment in the home come from?  Resort spas and hotel bathrooms […]

Hot Trend – Industrial Look!

The industrial look is popular, you might call it retro, re-purposed or shabby chic. It’s an example of the ‘old is new again’ philosophy.  Industrial metals mixed with various shades and types of raw or distressed woods can be used to create a furniture pieces offering a different and unique look for a home.  These interesting […]

Construction Financing Reappears… As Residential Real Estate Markets Rebound

Construction Financing We all know about the market downturn that created short sales, record foreclosures, loan modifications, tougher loan requirements, bargain basement prices, a brand new industry for large institutional investors leasing single-family homes, and obviously also affected were construction projects and and associated loans.  According to this report offered by, construction financing is back.  Perhaps […]