Custom Kitchen Islands… Looking Like Furniture!

One of the hottest looks when planning kitchen island design are furniture-like kitchen islands.  This style has been popular for several years but seems to keep getting better as more woods, stains, finishes and colors are added to custom kitchens.  As AZ custom home builders, we have helped many of our customers create beautiful custom kitchens with furniture-like kitchen islands.  

We have been working with Dakota Craftsman, a local company specializing in kitchen cabinets. The professionals at Dakota Craftsman have been planning great kitchen island design and making custom kitchen cabinets for years and have extensive experience creating furniture-like kitchen islands, and custom-built kitchen hutches.   

The kitchen furniture look sometimes includes the addition of posts on the corners of the islands.  In the case of an eat-in counter, it may include decorative and extensively carved corbels.  Some include the installation of a bookcase for cookbooks or display centers.  Some of these furniture-like pieces have legs or a legged look that distinctly separates it from the traditional kitchen cabinet look. As AZ custom home builders, it has been our experience that the pieces designed to look like furniture are also a different color than the rest of the cabinets in the custom kitchen, ranging from white to black, mixing woods, stains and finishes with traditional kitchen cabinetry offering the truly custom kitchen look.   Mixing woods, colors, stains, and custom cabinets can be intimidating for many of us, and it pays to spend the time upfront on a well-planned kitchen island design to get exactly what you want.  As AZ custom home builders we believe custom kitchen furniture-like kitchen islands will have staying power and help to create a culture where kitchens are more personalized with individual style, colors, and finishes.  The photo below is an example of one of Dakota Craftsman’s beautiful custom kitchen islands.

One of Dakota Craftsmans Great Custom Kitchen Island Designs

One of Dakota Craftsman's great kitchen island designs


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