Spanish Colonial, Neo-Mediterranean… Old is New Again

Whether built in the 40’s or yesterday, the style and mood of a Spanish Colonial Revival suggest a strong sense of history.  As AZ custom home builders, our customers usually have a particular style in mind when planning their custom home and we have noticed that Spanish Colonial seems to be making a comeback here in Arizona.

Spanish Colonial Revival or Neo-Mediterranean has classic, stoic, and timeless features, beginning with fractured massing, in other words, the house is not one long or straight facade but broken up into sections with different elevations and complicated roof lines.  This gives the impression that the house is very old, and has been added-to over the years.  White smooth stucco, red roof tiles, castle-like heavy wood entry doors, recessed windows, bell tower chimneys, both shed and gable roof lines, multiple levels with secondary balconies accented by wrought iron balustrades, parabolic windows, lantern lights, and multiple courtyards define the exterior of a Spanish Colonial.  As AZ custom home builders, this style fits well into the Sonoran desert lifestyle of the Phoenix area.

Once inside of a Spanish Colonial, movements are easy and fluid, connecting the home to the outdoors with multiple courtyards.  These courtyards, public and private capture natural light and views.  Dark woods may surround windows and dark hardwood floors replicate the wood floors of southern Spain.  Rustic interior elements include colorful and decorative tiles, on stair risers, back splashes, and door surrounds. Traditional interior elements include a dining room fireplace, wrought iron lighting, and iron door hardware highlighting the details of a southern Spain style.  Hand-crafted stucco fireplaces, and wood beamed ceiling features accent formal and casual living spaces, a wrought iron balustrade at the edge of an interior balcony may overlook a grand two-story foyer, and winding tile-clad stairs add to the flair of an ancient villa.  As AZ custom home builders, its enjoyable to construct a Spanish Colonial Revival, as the style and features are historic and timeless, yet the functional features of a new home offer the true advantage for replicating a traditional style home.

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