The Ultimate Family Space… The Game Room!

A game room for the family sounds like the ultimate place to hang out.  As AZ custom home builders, we often build homes that include dedicated rooms as a game room, home theatre or both.  However, if you feel like you’re short of space, game room design can seem like a real challenge.  With a bit of imagination and creativity game spaces may be designed in other areas of the house.  Using an area of the family room, a loft area, or even the formal dining room can create a great games room design.


Most family rooms include a sofa, love seat, a couple of chairs and space for a television entertainment center.  Ask yourself if you can rearrange the furniture somehow, removing a large chair or love seat and making room for a game table with four chairs.  This may offer an alternative to a dedicated games room design while still offering a great place for the family to play board games, play cards, or assemble puzzles. 

Many two-story homes in Arizona often have some type of loft area.  A loft is often one of those rarely used spaces in a home.  Why not consider placing a game table and chairs in this area? If it does not contain built-in kitchen cabinets, why not consider putting in some kitchen cabinetry?  Why not consider kitchen cabinetry that includes an under-counter refrigerator for bottled water, sodas, or beer?  Maybe even consider a built-in microwave for popcorn snacks while playing games at the game table?  By mounting a flat panel television on one wall, you have created a small, but useful game room for that weekly poker night.

Another rarely used space in many homes is the formal dining room.  In more and more of the custom homes that we build, this room is omitted entirely.  Our customers are more interested in useful spaces such as a larger kitchen, great room, an awesome games room design and home theatres. A formal dining room is most often located with convenient access to the kitchen and near other family areas of the home.  By transforming your formal dining room into a great game room, you’re still close enough to other family areas of the home but have created a useful and enjoyable space.  A billiard table can fit in most of these dining areas.  Adding a pub table and chairs to sit while waiting your turn at pool can add further definition and entertainment to the space.

Billiards and pub table in custom home game room

Billiards and pub table in custom home game room

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