Outdoor Indoor Living Made Easier with An Epoxy Coated Garage Floor!

As AZ custom home builders it is rare to complete a home for one of our customers without coating the garage floor.    Sometimes, the garage becomes one of those outdoor indoor living areas, the place where an old television, table, chairs, and refrigerator end up.   We have had house guests throw parties in our garage around an old table, since in our case, the garage is next to guest quarters.   Among the leftover stuff in our garage is one terrific feature, the epoxy coated garage floor.  Epoxy coated garage floors have become extremely popular and for many reasons.

  1. They can make a garage look beautiful and create an outdoor indoor living area, great for a workshop.
  2. They are easy to clean, simply sweep off and mop clean.
  3. They repel oil and greases that may drip from a car, unlike concrete surfaces that absorb these materials and stain the concrete.
  4. Epoxies comes in a variety of colors with additive chips that enhance the beauty of the floor, and can include non-skid formulas.

There is no doubt that coating a garage floor can be tricky and perhaps best left to professionals.  We make sure we hire the reputable contractors in this area for the best results. Epoxy products vary in quality from supplier to supplier. Problems can occur for a number of reasons during and after the installation process.

  1. Water may come up from underneath a floor such as in a basement.  A moisture test should be done before installing in an area like this.
  2. All surfaces must be free of dirt, residues, oil or grease stains.  No epoxy will adhere to oil or grease stains.
  3. Failing to wait 30 days for a new floor to cure may result in problems.
  4. Applying the epoxy under extreme hot or cold temperature conditions may result in peeling or blistering of the epoxy.
  5. Hot tire lifting may occur if the epoxy is too thin and low quality.  This is when hot tires come in contact with the epoxy and it reverts to a liquid state, lifts from the surface and sticks to the tires.
  6. Floors may dull from tire abrasions if the product is low quality and too thin.

Epoxy floor coatings are a beautiful accent to any garage, or work room with many advantages, but in our experience installation is best left to professionals. 

Epoxy floor coatings can help keep a garage floor clean of oil and grease stains, help to create a great place for a workshop, that garage sale, or outdoor indoor living area for watching that old TV.

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