An Outdoor Living Area Can Easily Be Created in Almost Any Backyard!

Creating an outdoor living area is as easy as dedicating certain areas of your patio for a fabulous outdoor furniture arrangement or more complicated by building an outdoor ramada.  In Arizona, we love the outdoors.  Unlike other areas of the country, if we plan an outdoor picnic or event, we pretty much know what the weather will be like.  In the winter, we are pretty sure that an outdoor party or picnic will have the perfect day.  In summer, we pretty much know that we won’t plan any outdoor activity unless it’s in the evening. We don’t have to worry about unexpected rain, storms and tornadoes as they do in other parts of the country.  Our monsoon season brings occasional wind and rain, yet this is the Sonoran desert and rain is minimal.   

Consistent with our love for the outdoors, as AZ custom home builders, our custom homebuyers often want to create an outdoor living area as part of their custom home.  Outdoor ramadas are often incorporated into back yard entertaining areas.  A ramada is a covered patio constructed away from the house as a standalone structure, in some parts of the country this may be called a gazebo.  It is a separate entertaining area from the home’s attached or covered patio. The ramada can be used for dining, sitting around a fire, covering an outdoor kitchen area, or other uses.

As AZ custom home builders, we have found the style of these ramadas usually follows the architectural style of the house.  If white columns are used on the interior or exterior of a house, they may be found on the ramada as well.  The roof of these structures may or may not be completely closed in; sometimes a ramada will be covered with large beams creating only partial shade. 

Photos below highlight examples of these outdoor ramadas.  The first photo is large structure that houses the family’s grill and outdoor cooking area.  Partially covered by wood beams, it holds a small table and chairs and overlooks the gorgeous pool area.   Photos also highlight a Tuscan style home, where this ramada provides partial shade and houses the built-in BBQ grill on one side and the outdoor fireplace on the other side.  This family has planted vines and latticework that will eventually grow and provide luscious green colors and shade over the ramada.  The final photo highlights a beautiful ramada adjacent to the backyard pool area.  This ramada houses an outdoor fireplace and with its columns, its rough-hewn beamed roof, and rough-edged stone column bases creates a stunning Tuscan style backyard retreat and awesome outdoor living area.

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