This is the stage where you’ll see the exterior and interior walls constructed and erected.  The roof trusses and roof is installed once the supporting structural walls are in place.  Framing is a critical construction phase for the structural integrity of the home.  At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, we use the best materials in this stage with 2×6 exterior framed construction, high quality 2×4 lumber for the interior walls, leveled and plumbed. The walls are sheared with OSB board; your structural engineer has predetermined the determination of the sheared walls. Exterior walls and structural walls are completed first then the framers begin working on interior walls, and finish with framing details such as arches, niches, and closet spaces.  This is typically a messy construction phase.  We do our best to keep the jobsite clean, sorting lumber pieces and materials that have further use and disposing of the remainder in an onsite waste dumpster. This framing stage may take anywhere from 5 – 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the structure and square footage of the home.  All times vary depending on the availability labor, inspections, weather, materials and other factors beyond our control.  At this point many material choices are ordered, it is important to have all of your selections made to avoid any construction delays waiting for materials to arrive.