Rough Mechanical

Windows are installed at this stage.  This is the stage where “systems” are installed.  “Systems” are those features of your home that work for you when you are in your home, such as mechanical ventilation, electrical systems, plumbing, and home automation.  At this stage we will likely walk the house with you since it is much easier for you to identify where you would specifically like security panels located, plumbing fixtures located, low voltage lighting, specific electrical outlets and any specialty options you may have selected.  We will walk each room of the house and you will make specific decisions in each room.  There are various inspections at this stage of construction since the walls have not been insulated or covered in drywall, it allows for better inspection of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations.  There are times when various trades can work side by side and accomplish their jobs, and there are times when one trade does not begin working until another trade has completed their job.  At this stage of construction, we can see both.  We might see window installation side by side with the installation of heating ducts.  But rough electrical installation will not begin until the rough mechanical and rough plumbing have been completed.  Home automation, including the pre-wire for security systems, structured wiring, telephone, CATV, intercom systems may be done last.  Central vacuum will be added in this stage as well.