Site Preparation

All underground utility locations and easements are identified.  A security fence is placed around the home site.  The home site is cleared of trees and boulders and laser leveled.    A building pad is constructed by removing dirt, compacting the soil, adding water, backfilling dirt, and again compacting the soil until it meets engineered soil conditions.  The footprint of your home is laid out and staked on the new building pad.  Digging begins on the foundation of the home with footings to secure the location and foundation of your home.  Water and sewer “Soils” work begins where the plumbers dig trenches to install your sewer/septic systems.  At this point rebar is set to reinforce wall systems.  Inspections by the city or municipality occur at this stage before plumbing and footings are permanently covered by the foundation. This is an important stage to assure that floor outlets, gas stubs, additional plumbing and any other options have been installed.  When underground soils work is completed, your home’s foundation is backfilled, and compacted.  The foundation is poured at this stage.  This stage may take from 4 – 6 weeks.  If you are building a home with a basement, this stage may take an additional 4-6 weeks.  All times vary depending on the availability labor, inspections, weather, materials and other factors beyond our control.