Stucco, Lath, Drywall, and Trim

The roof is ‘dried-in’ and loaded with your selected roofing material.  When the pre-wiring, rough electrical, plumbing, and mechanical have been completed and successfully passed inspection, your home can be insulated.   This is usually the halfway point in construction.  Next the interior of your home will be dry walled, taped, and textured.  Depending on the style of your home, interior and exterior trims are ready for installation, baseboards, doors and door casings, crown moldings, stair rails, and other types of woodwork. At the same time as interior work is done, the exterior of your home will be lathed, this Styrofoam material increases the insulating factors of your home.  Then a thin layer of wiring is added to the Styrofoam and for the stucco to be applied to this material.  The exterior stucco of the home is installed in phases the first is called the brown coat, the final coat to be applied later.  Windows get broken, items may get installed or completed incorrectly and paint will need to be touched up.  We will not fix every small drywall dent or paint smudge as they occur, rather we will, at the completion of construction to repair, replace, repaint and fix things that have been broken.  This stage may take six to eight weeks depending on the complexity of the home, square footage and finish styles.