Negotiate or Bid Out

Do I Find A Builder and Negotiate Price or Do I Bid Out the Job to Various Contractors?

At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, we will work with you either way.  If you competitively bid the project or work with us from the beginning of your project, we send out all of our jobs out for bid.  Our subcontractors know this and do not rest assured that because they have worked with us before, they automatically get to work on every one of our jobs.  Many of our custom homebuyers perform thorough research and become acquainted with us, and our work and feel comfortable negotiating price.  Our custom homebuyers have been invited to ‘wine tasting’ events, ‘Chef Yan’ cooking demonstrations, and Open Houses of newly completed homes.  These events build our relationships and allow potential custom homebuyers to meet first hand with our suppliers and other customers.  We pride ourselves in those relationships and that these customers gladly refer new customers to us.

Bidding out your job, is another strategy for selecting a custom homebuilder.  The  NASA strategy to some, going to the lowest bidder.  It has been our experience that the lowest bidder is never really the lowest bidder.  It makes sense on paper, but in actuality the bid is based on a set of plans that are sometimes incomplete and fraught with errors.  Not only does each builder calculate the bid on a different level of service and quality, some builders under-bid to get the job knowing full well they will make up the difference later in change-orders and upgrades.  Competitive bids are not usually apples to apples.  One builder may include in his bid a granite allowance for Grade 3 granite while another will bid an allowance for the lowest grade of granite, knowing full well you are not likely to choose that granite grade; so he’ll mark up the upgrade.  The same builder will bid the project for a lower grade of drywall texture, knowing full well you will not want the tract home finish in your custom home, so he’ll mark up that upgrade when you change it to 90/10 texture often found in our custom homes.  Knowing what you want and bidding your job for the features, amenities, and selections you have made is the best way to bid the project.  Building a custom home is one of the largest purchases you may ever make, it is not recommended to shop it around like a car or television.