Typical Problems

What Kind of Problems are on a Construction Project?  Are There Construction Nightmares on Every Job?

In most cases, the home we build for you, we have not built before.  If it is a custom design, it has never been built before for anyone.  Many times most construction nightmares are related to money and a customer that has gone with the lowest bidder.  A surprise to the customer comes as an unexpected cost for the granite upgrade, or the drywall finish upgrade.  If a customer doesn’t pay for the changes or upgrades they feel as if they are not getting what they wanted, what they had seen on another job or what they had expected.  Once they feel this way; cheated, or like they are settling for something less, the relationship between builder and custom homebuyer can go awry.

There are also sometimes problems that do not cost money, and it is all about attitude.  In one house, the tile workers were laying tile in a room that wasn’t supposed to be tiled.  The homeowner stopped by and saw the activity, and called the builder who was not onsite at the time.  The builder stopped the workers with a phone call.  The plans were accurate this room was to be covered in carpet.  How did it get communicated to the tile workers to lay tile in this room, is a mute point.  The tile was removed, carpet laid down later in the construction process and no one got upset about it. Sometimes mistakes happen and it is all about attitude.  This mistake cost the subcontractor in time, wages, and a bit of extra tile, but the homeowner didn’t get upset by it, and otherwise the tile company did a great job.