On Budget

We Work Hard to Keep Projects Within Budget!

Our goal at Woodridge Custom Builders, LLC is to stick to a customer’s budget. Once you agree on a price to build your custom home, you don’t want unexpected surprises later.  We do this by getting actual bids from each of our subcontractors.  When we get bids for a project, we provide the subcontractor with a set of plans to calculate an accurate materials take-off.  This allows the subcontractor to estimate with a good deal of accuracy the quantity of materials needed and the amount of labor required to perform the specific job. Our subcontractors appreciate having a set of plans to estimate the materials and labor required. We never guess when it comes to pricing.

We Stay on Budget By Minimizing Allowances!

We try to avoid “allowances”.  An allowance represents a specific amount of money a builder has ‘allowed’ for a specific feature or items in the house.  At Woodridge, we like to provide our customers with a ‘peace of mind’ regarding allowance items.  Therefore, we’ll ask you to begin making item selections as soon as possible, by visiting our recommended vendors and selecting stone, doors, an entry door, door hardware, cabinet style, carpet, tile, plumbing fixtures, tubs, toilets, sinks, counter surfaces, lighting fixtures, and other finishes and features.  We don’t want to under estimate something and then surprise you later when you make an actual selection that far exceeds an allowance estimate.

There are times when a customer chooses to make changes to the home once it is under construction.  This is certainly possible to do, and often is.  If you decide to make changes to the plan during construction there are fees associated with these changes.  The fees depend on the nature and difficulty of the change.  Our change order fees are fair and reasonable.