We are Woodridge

We are NOT WoodBridge…

License Revoked by AZ Registrar of Contractors

WoodBridge Custom Homes LLC

WoodBridge Construction LLC –

License Suspended by AZ Registrar of Contractors

WoodBridge Homes & Remodeling LLC

Surprisingly the Arizona Corporation Commission approved the company/trade names of the firms listed above AFTER ours was registered. The names are so similar that we are often confused with these firms.  Fortunately or unfortunately, the firms listed above are no longer operating  in the state of Arizona under these names.  Recently, we contacted the power company to set the gas meter at a recently completed home, and the representative said it couldn’t be set until old unpaid bills were cleared up.  When asked about the addresses where these services were provided, we realized these were not addresses where we had ever worked.  Then we asked specifically for the business entities names and Arizona Registrar of Contractors’ license number.  It became clear to the representative that we were not the same company and these delinquent bills were associated with WoodBridge entities.