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Why Woodridge?

We are Trustworthy

We believe that as a custom home buyer, you are looking for a builder that can be trusted, a builder and his team that are open and honest, and confidence in your decision that you have found the right builder for your home. We have built custom homes where the custom home buyers visit the jobsite regularly watching the progress of their home. Others have trusted us to build their home, to their specifications and design while they were living in another state. These custom home buyers trusted us to get the job done and were confident that they had selected the right builder.

Attention To Detail

At Woodridge Custom Builders, LLC we pay attention to detail by being on the job everyday. We note the stages of each subcontractor and when possible get as many trades on the job as possible that can work together cohesively. We keep in close contact with our subcontractors and keep jobs scheduled sequentially without delays.

Quality Commitment

Commitment to quality construction is not just a ‘catch-phrase’ with us. It is backed up during every step of construction beginning with the raw materials selected for the home. We only work with subcontractors that have demonstrated quality work and dependability. Our subcontractors stand by their work.

On Budget

Our goal at Woodridge Custom Builders, LLC is to stick to a customer’s budget. Once you agree on a price to build your custom home, you don’t want unexpected surprises later. We do this by getting actual bids from each of our subcontractors. When we get bids for a project, we provide the subcontractor with a set of plans to calculate an accurate materials take-off. This allows the subcontractor to estimate with a good deal of accuracy the quantity of materials needed and the amount of labor required to perform the specific job. Our subcontractors appreciate having a set of plans to estimate the materials and labor required. We never guess when it comes to pricing.

On Time

We get projects done on time. The old adage that “Time is Money” is true when it comes to building custom homes. For some of our customers, you are borrowing money to build your dream home. During the construction process you are paying interest-only payments on the loan every month. The longer the construction process and the more delays there are can be very costly you. It can mean thousands of dollars each month. At Woodridge Custom Builders, LLC we never lose sight of this. It is in the best interest of our customers to get your home done as scheduled.

What Our Clients Say

Top of the line! Mike’s accommodating and does great work.

George P.

It was a wonderful experience using Woodridge Custom Builders.

Vince G.

Excellent Company. I’ve dealt with other contractors and they don’t compare. Mike does what he says, great communication and follow-through, this is how a business should be run.

Cevin C.

I absolutely recommend Mike! He is just a great guy to work with. He does a fantastic job and I have only good things to say about him!

Rick D.

One word: Awesome! Mike & Mike are a great tag team and get your home built with integrity and care immensely about the finished product.

Michael S.

Best experience ever. Professional, clean and listened to my needs. A General Contractor that did what they said. Couldn’t ask for more.